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Automatizarea Fortei de Vanzari - Aplicatii Android Vanzari General description

OptimallSFA Android is a software system providing the automation of the sales and distribution process (Sales Force Automation). It addresses production or distribution companies with their own network of sales agents who perform daily trips to customers to take orders. The proposed solution is ideal for both small businesses and large or very large companies.

OptimallSFA Android offers real-time access to information specialized for each process involved in the selling of products and services, as well as a full range of features and tools intended for field sales force, but also for supervisors, sales managers or general managers.


The solution for sales force automation consists of 3 integrated software elements:

Software Automatizarea Fortei de VanzariBack-Office Application
Software Management VanzariInterfacing with the management system (ERP)
Solutii Mobile Agenti VanzariMobile application which installs itself on agents’ smartphones or tablets

How it works

OptimallSFA Android Pre-Sales - allows taking orders, receipts and returns of goods directly from customers, with subsequent delivery of the goods. The package includes the Back-Office application, the application for mobile devices and the interfacing with the management system.

OptimallSFA Android Van-Sales -allows invoicing directly to the customer, along with the delivery of the goods. The package includes, in addition to the Pre-Sales module, the module for printing invoices and receipts with the printer.

Programe Mobile VanzariThe BO application runs on PC or server, at the offices of the beneficiary company and allows the management of mobile terminals, the allocation of daily routing, the allocation of customer and product nomenclatures for every agent, the setting of prices/blockages/etc. policies, dependently or independently of the management system, the tracking of orders and receipts taken and, last but not least, the provision of specific reports.

Sales agents use Android tablets or phones through which they transmit, in real time, the carried out orders, visits, receipts and returns directly in the company’s management system (ERP). At the same time, agents in the field have permanent access to detailed information about items, stocks, discounts and promotions for various products, the targeted customer’s situation (initial balance, final balance, previous orders, blockages etc.) and routes.

OptimallSFA Android can be installed on any smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system (at least version 2.1) and does not depend on higher versions of Android.

Standard package
  • ERP Interfacing Module
  • Customers, Balances Module
  • Products, Stocks, Prices Module
  • Orders Taking, Goods Return Module
  • Receipts Taking Module
  • Routing Module
  • Sales Order Blocking Module
  • Discounts Module
  • Promotions Module
  • Batches Management Module
  • Messages Sending Module
  • Search Module
  • Invoices and Receipts Printing Module
  • Specific Reports Module – on sales agents’ activity and sales
  • Automatic Data Backup
  Optional modules*
  • SELL-file (customer’s purchasing history)
  • Priority and Coloring Items Module
  • Product Catalogue Module
  • Target Module
  • Merchandising Module
  • New Customer Module
  • Customer Information Module
  • Packaging Management Module
  • Device Tracking Module
  • Blocking in Hotspot Module
  • Customer Navigation Module
  • Delivery Module
  • Printing cash receipts on portable printers or tax receipts on electronic cash registers
  • Kilometers on board and start / stop day Module
  • Desktop Utility Module

* These modules are optional and involve an additional cost to the standard package. For more details on the optional modules’ prices please contact the AROBS sales representatives.

Advantages and services

interfacing with any management system (WinMentor, WinMentorEnterprise, ASIS, hMarfa, WinCiel, Socrate,Solutie Management Depozite DistribNet, Classoft, X5, Navision, Charisma, Atlantis, Ascent, Enovator, Senior ERP, SoftOne, BCManager, etc.);
personalization:the application is modular and can be configured according to customer needs and requirements;
use: the application is easy to use and very intuitive;
flexibility:the mobile application can be installed on any devices (smartphone or tablet) with an Android operating system;
assistance in application use and technical support based on a maintenance agreement;
discounts when purchasing additional modules or subsequent personalization;
efficiency and innovation: the solution is continuously developed and optimized by our own team of programmers;
expansion opportunities: possibility of integration with other AROBS applications, such as Optimall (MobInv, Logistic, BI) or TrackGPS system.

Benefits Soft Automatizari Depozite
• automating the sales and distribution process;
• optimization of the information flow;
• balances control;
• avoidance of OOS (out-of-stock);
• eliminating human errors, the time for documents processing and double operation situations;
• increase of labor productivity;
• real-time evaluation of the performance of the sales team;
• motivation and empowerment of the sales force;
• cost reduction; 
• customer retention

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