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General description Optimal Mob - Soft Gestiune Coduri de BareOptimall MobInv is a software system providing the automation of the process in a warehouse or storehouse. . It is intended for warehouses and storehouses storing perishables as well as non-perishable products, with or without batches management and with a well-established stream of operations, based on the record of the barcodes for each product.

The WMS Optimall MobInv software provides help for an easier management of warehouse workflows, namely: reception of goods, output of goods and inventory, all through a barcode validation system. For reading the barcodes there are used wireless barcode readers, equipped with a Windows CE operating system (version 5.0 or 6.0), Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 or even Android.

The Optimall MobInv solution is comprised of 3 integrated software elements:

Soft Gestiune Depozite - Automatizarea Depozitelor Back-Office MobInv Application – MobInvBO
Software Coduri de Bare Urmarire Produse Interface with the management system (ERP)
Aplicatii Mobile Gestiune Produse Mobile application which installs itself on the barcode reader

How it works

Data synchronization

The MobInvBO application will interface with the management system and it will synchronize with it, taking all the necessary data (customers and items nomenclatures, stocks, receptions, orders etc.). The mobile application on the barcode readers will connect to MobInvBO and it will take all these data via WiFi.


The barcode of the product to be inventoried is scanned with the barcode reader and the counted quantity is filled in in the quantity field. The inventory can be done on several devices at the same time and the MobInvBO application will generate the final inventory. 
As a result of this inventory, from the MobInvBO application is generated an inventory differences report, i.e. a comparison between what was counted during inventory and the situation in the management system.

Managing receptions/orders of goods output

Optimall MobInv allows treating receptions/outputs of goods in 2 ways:
1.Inserting the receptions/outputs in the management system, taking-over them on the device and then validating them
2. Inserting the receptions/outputs directly on the device and then exporting them into the management system

Product information

On the device, you can find out information about the product (name, stock, price, batches, expiry date, location in warehouse, number of pieces in cases etc.) by simply scanning or writing.

Available options
  • Management of serial numbers (S/N)
  • Management of warehouse storage locations for the same type of goods
  • Batch management and expiry date
  • Management of output orders per car/TIR
  • Printing barcodes with the barcode printer
Available reports
  • Report for the allocation of work orders per managers
  • Inventory report - products unidentified by scanning
  • Report for the order processing duration on each for each manager

Advantages and servicesGestiune Automatizata a Depozitelor
  • interfacing with any management system : WinMentor, WinMentorEnterprise, Socrate, bc Manager, SICO ERP, SoftOne, hMarfa, Asis, WinCiel, DistribNet, Classoft, X5, Navision, Atlantis, Ascent, Enovator, Charisma ERP, Senior ERP, Wizrom ERP etc.;
  • customization:the warehouse management software is modular, being configured according to customer needs and requirements;
  • usage: the WMS application is easy to use and very intuitive;
  • flexibility: the mobile application can be installed on any type of barcode reader with Win CE 5.0 or Win CE 6.0 operating systems;
  • technical assistance as well as updates for the application – based on a maintenance agreement
  • efficiency and innovation: the WMS solution is continuously developed and optimized;
  • extending opportunities: the possibility to integrate with other AROBS applications, such as OptimallSFA Android, Logistic, BI or TrackGPS system.
Soft Automatizari Depozite
  • automation of warehouse workflows;
  • fast identification of stocks level and of the status of products in the warehouse;
  • reducing errors during the preparation and sending of goods to your;
  • cost reduction by eliminating human errors, documents processing time and the situations of double operation;
  • increase of labor productivity due to effective use of time and information by the warehouse managers;
  • customer satisfaction increase by providing a prompt and professional delivery service.

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