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General description   
Most managers do not have time and patience to gather relevant information from various registers of an integrated system... they want to see WHAT IS IMPORTANT, IMMEDIATELY!

The Business Intelligence Optimall BI software enables in-depth analysis of company data and supports business professionals with accessible, up-to-date and reliable information, so they can be able to make quick and effective decisions. Through our BI solution we provide an economic system which help you to better observe and analyze the most important factors of your business, the ones that will guarantee the company’s performance.

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How it works

Our Business Intelligence system allows comparison of past data, from the financial, management, marketing, sales or even HR fields, providing an accurate image of the company’s status and of the efficiency of past periods.
 Optimall BI - Analize, Rapoarte, Previziuni
Decision making is currently largely facilitated by the monitoring in real time of any activity of the company, be it production, shops network, purchases etc. On a dashboard surface, the managers of different departments or the executive director can see with precision the evolution of materials consumption, immediate changes in the finished product/scrap ratio and so on. The monitoring solution can also be accessed online, on tablet or smartphone, so you will be able to view from anywhere and anytime the operations that are conducted within the company at any given moment.
Without a proper analysis, data are simple figures. Optimall BI offers financial professionals the possibility of analyzing data in an accurate and secure way, in order to be able to draw appropriate conclusions and make healthy decisions. The analysis tables can be saved and updated in order not to restart every time the frequently used operations. Several versions of an analysis can be created, taking into account the settings of the different parameters at the same time.
The Optimall BI predictive analytics tools allows you to test future prospects, to set various demos in the system, thus being able to anticipate any economic changes, such as: the increase in prices of raw materials, the use of factoring solutions, the loss of a significant customer, the breakdown of an important equipment etc. The system processes these data and then retransmits them to be analyzed.

Available options - Reports
  Analyses, reports and inventories that are dynamic and easy to put together.
►  Extracting data from all known databases systems and their analysis.
  Creation of a customized dashboard, through which all important analyses can be organized on a single screen.
  Creation of a smart and easy-to-use data set.
  Possibility to create all types of 2D and 3D charts with complex functional and visual settings.
  Support of fast analyses with the possibility of dynamically changing the levels of detail, the selection criteria, the sets of analyzed values and other settings.
  Analyses can be exported in countless formats or can be sent via email as an attachment.
  Interface available in several languages.

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Advantages and benefits

• Better transparency, less time lost searching for answers;
• Better emphasizing and analysis of important factors of the business, factors that really contribute to profit achievement;
• Support in sales optimization;
• Facilitates the review of the most profitable customers and suppliers, but also the avoidance of the problems within the company;
• Flexibility, speed – it helps to easily adapt to new processes, to monitor results and test new business strategies;
• Accessible anywhere and anytime: the users will exclusively have at their disposal the desired information, at the requested time and place and under the requested form;
• Availability on various devices - charts can be immediately viewed online (on the web) or on mobile devices (Android, iOS);
• Independence of the management system, as it can be incorporated in any ERP.

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