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                                                                                                                     The Optimall Division

Software Vanzari Android For over 14 years, Optimall offers the distribution companies and manufacturers with their own network of sales agents professional software solutions for sales force automation, through the integration of applications and software and hardware technology, equipment and services.

In 2003, when the retail market was in full development process and the reports were made by hand in a register, the Optimall division was established from the desire to radically change and ease the work of sales agents and managers. Over time, the application for sales force automation created 12 years ago proved to be one of the most successful AROBS products, as well as a top player on the profile market. In 2011, AROBS released OptimallSFA Android, the first Romanian software solution for sales force automation, which can be used on any smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system. The modern version gives users a more friendly design and an intuitive easy-to-use interface.. 

Aware of the dynamism and complexity of the environment and the increasingly specific needs to sustain a business through modern information systems, the Optimall team has continuously expanded its mobility solutions portfolio, so far providing managers and operational teams not only software for sales force automation, but also for warehouse management (Optimall MobInv),  for the localization of the mobile devices used by agents (Optimall Location) and even for Business Intelligence (Optimall BI).

Thanks to a solid development and support team, focused on anticipating and solving problems faced by customers, Optimall managed to keep its position on the market, despite all turbulences. Thus, it is today among the most long-lasting and popular sales automation solutions.     

AROBS Transilvania Software

Solutii Optimizare Vanzari - Softuri Gestiune Depozite With an 19-year experience in the IT market, AROBS is a company with a 100% Romanian shareholders, specializing in software development for mobile applications, localization solutions and car fleet management, as well as SFA, WMS and CRM solutions on mobile terminals. With a multinational team, made up of approximately 500 employees, located in six centers nationwide, the company is in Top 100 Cluj County employers and in Top 5 employers of the IT local market. Outside Romania, AROBS owns three more services offices in the Republic of Moldova, Hungary and the United Kingdom.

Present on the market of GPS systems distributors, the company has launched in 2008 the first Romanian brand of GPS navigation systems, Smailo. In 2013, the first tablets of the same brand arrived on the retailers’ shelves and in online stores. Now, Smailo means navigators, tablets, car video cameras, action cameras etc.

It is one of the most active companies in Cluj in terms of community involvement, being the main sponsor of the AROBS International Marathon Cluj-Napoca.
Over time, AROBS has been one of the United Way’s partners for a number of social projects.