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The optimal SFA solution meant for companies with their own network of sales agents.
Automation of processes from a warehouse/storehouse through a barcode validation system
Business Intelligence analysis, reporting and alerting system meant for managers
Optimall Location
Solution for locating mobile terminals and geocoding objectives
Optimall Print 80 Thermal Printer
AROBS offers its partners the Optimall Print 80 thermal printers

Why do specialists choose Optimall?
The software solutions developed by Optimall bring the power of information at the fingertips of managers and sales teams, guarantee a fluid transparent flow of activities and happy customers, regardless of the field in which you operate. Request offer


Posted: 10/12/2018
Posted: 27/11/2018
Posted: 20/9/2018
Posted: 6/8/2018

Automatizarea procesului de preluare si transmitere comenzi, de la clientii din canalul traditional, este un must have in zilele noastre, iar solutia OptimalSFA oferita de cei de la Arobs, carora l...
Nicu Popescu, Director General Pet Factory
Standardizarea proceselor de vanzare, posibilitatea de a gestiona in timp real activitatile echipei, imbunatatirea fost posibile prin implementarea unui sistem informatic modern si flexibil.
Ciprian Otea, Directorul General Misavan
Solutiile de automatizare a vanzarilor oferite de OptimallSFA ne-au convins, de-a lungul celor 10 ani de colaborare, ca sunt ceea ce business-ul noastru are nevoie pentru organizarea activitatilor ...
Calin Chira, Director de Vanzari al Mobile Distribution.
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